Artist Statement

Issues of violence, disenfranchisement, hunger, grief, loss, and aging inform a despairing recognition of the human condition.

Critical of the various systems in place to manage these social agendas, I create visual commentary of political justice to encourage equity and consciousness about the universal nature of our collective existence.

Promoting the notion of art as an agent of change that guides us toward grace and wisdom, my intention is to embed the social issues that concern me into my paintings. The choices of materials to support my content are oil and mixed media on canvas, wood panel and paper.

The formal compositions to express my vision are currently figurative - aging women, men, children and their losses, physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally.

Sharron Shayne

The challenge I continue to face as a painter is in the physical relationship to my work whereby one can visibly see the artist's hand and wanting to do more with less. I wish to utilize an economical approach to material and image to convey human connection and existential crisis.

    Beginning lies in looking both ways,
    For by reflection
    We are taught,
    That at such moments,
    We are watchers,
    Whether as catchers,
    Or the caught.

I am also an award-winning actor, having appeared extensively in theatre in New York, on Broadway, as well as Off and Off-Off Broadway and numerous Los Angeles theatre productions, as well as many television shows and feature films. I attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK, and am a proud lifetime member of The Actors' Studio, as well as Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice and The Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles. I was married to the late film director and writer, Lawrence Leonard Simeone, to whom I dedicate all of my art and performances.